North Carolina

Raising Up Kings: Joel and Joey | Wake Forest, NC

Raising Up Kings is a Father Son series that shows fathers and sons in their element. Whether they are spending quality time with each other, passing down traditions or teaching life lessons.

“They say the Barbershop is the cornerstone of the black community, But I believe it's the family unit, so it starts at home. It's a father's job, to sow everything he knows into his son, before he sets him free into the world. How to be a man, how to treat Lady, reason for staying away from drugs and how to deal with Law Enforcement. These are just a few things a young man should know about and how to handle himself when he faces any of these situations. It can be a matter of life and death, for a young black man, and that is why I will never stop giving my all to my son.” -Joel Lucien

Melanin Magic Tea Party | Anderson Point Park | Raleigh, North Carolina

April is my girls birthday month and this year for Piper, my youngest, I decided on a tea party theme. While searching “kids tea party” ideas I noticed two things, 1) most of the images lacked diversity and 2) I couldn’t find any black or brown girls having a tea party to give me some ideas on a setting and style.

So, I rallied my network, grabbed my camera and got to work on the “Melanin Magic Tea Party”. I wanted to create a royal experience for my daughter and her friends with custom made dresses, a day of pampering and hair styling.

Representation matters and what better way to show my daughter and our girls that a princess tea party is for them too.

Photographer: Elena Lewis
Capturing Memories with Elena
IG: @cmwephotography

Hair: Renee Rexine
Renee Rexine Salon
IG: @reneerexinesalon 

Wardrobe: Catherine Tankersley
C & A’s Tailor Shop
IG: @castailorshop

Designer/Table Scape: Vicki Sykes
Bella Casa By Vicki Sykes
IG: @bellacasabyvickisykes

Rhyan @lifewithrhy
Piper @peytonandpiper

Birthday session turned into a styled shoot.